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Math Book Download Questionnaire

We see you downloaded a math book of problems. We need your response to a quick 5-question survey to show our funders how and why teachers like you are using Space Math problems. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, take a few minutes to give us some quick feedback! Thank you for helping us to keep those math problems coming!
How do you plan to use Space Math problems? (check all that apply) *
The space math problems I have looked at… (check all that apply) *
Which of the following books have you found the most useful to your students? *
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Would you be willing to have your students answer a few questions about Space Math problems? If so, take them to this link, http://SpaceMathStudents.questionpro.com, or have them do the questions on paper and send them to our evaluator, Dr. Hilarie Davis, 75 Sauga Ave, North Kingstown, RI 02852 or by email at hilarie@techforlearning.org
Student Survey

You can copy the student questions below and paste them into a work document or have students complete the survey at: http://SpaceMathStudents.questionpro.com Thanks!
Grade _______
Zip code ___________________
School _________________________

How much do you agree …
1=strongly disagree, 2=disagree, 3=neutral, 4=agree, 5=strongly agree
___I learned something new about math from doing this problem
___I thought the science was interesting
___I learned something new about science from doing this problem
___I thought the math problem was interesting
___I’m inspired to learn more about the science
___I’m inspired to learn more about the math
___It was easier to do the math problem because of the science context
___I enjoyed learning about the NASA content
___I would like to do more Space Math problems

What would you tell other students about Space Math problems?
Thanks for your time and help!
Please contact brad@techforlearning.org if you have any questions regarding this survey.
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